Reaching the Hispanic Market Through Social Media

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PR professionals think social media is important for reaching Hispanics, though less than half currently use it.

PR professionals consider social media just as important for reaching Hispanic markets as it is for reaching mainstream markets, yet less than half are currently using social media to do so.

Hispanic-focused PR company TeleNoticias and LatinoWire surveyed PR professionals in conjunction with the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), Hispanicize, and The survey found the same percentage of respondents, 69%, viewed social media programs as somewhat or very important for reaching both Hispanic and mainstream audiences.

PR professionals know that social media is an important tool for reaching Hispanics. However, only 45% of respondents said they actually use it, compared to 92% who use social media to reach mainstream markets. This discrepancy means there is an opportunity for more marketers to reach Hispanics via social media.

Survey respondents are mostly using the same major social networks to reach both targets, with 84% reporting that they use Facebook to reach Hispanic markets and 62% using Twitter. This is compared to 92% using Facebook to reach mainstream markets and 83% for Twitter. Only one tool is used by more PR professionals to reach Hispanic markets: mobile.

Social media budgets are on the rise for both mainstream and Hispanic markets. The survey found that 58% of respondents expect mainstream social media budgets to increase and 60% expect Hispanic social media budgets to increase in the next fiscal year.

With overall marketing and communications budgets on the upswing, it follows that more niche areas, such as multicultural marketing, are also seeing an increase in interest and investment. The Hispanic market is top of mind for marketers as the results of the 2010 US census are released, and as the audience demands that companies interact with it where it is—online.

Hispanic consumers are catching up to mainstream markets when it comes to social media usage, and marketers and communications professionals should leverage this trend—and increase budgets—to reach the Hispanic market using social media.

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