Boomers spend more online? Really?

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Today eMarkerter distributed an article stating Baby Boomers spend more time and money online than their understudies, Generation X. However, the crux of the article is in the survey that leads to this summation (in the form of a question), “Are Digital Marketers Ignoring Baby Boomers?

I think anyone on the planet could answer that question (Yes – but not directly).

It sounds more like baby boomers are just insecure. You’d think that 2-3 hours per day of onscreen advertising (television) would be enough to make them feel targeted. You can’t watch a single prime time show anymore without learning about how you need Cialis to be prepared for when the urge occurs.

But let’s also consider earning potential. Boomers, let’s face it. For the most part, that ship has sailed. Most of you are at the proverbial top of income scale. Many of you are stepping down from higher positions, and a fair number of you decided you could retire early.

The digital advertising that I see is targeted at the movers and shakers, not just the spenders. And for good reason. These groups know the web and how to find the deals (which means they spend less time online — because they are smarter at finding what they want/need).

I tend to believe too that both Gen X and Gen Y are more frugal with their online spending. I would also go so far to suggest they spend more, but save more. When you get to an online shopping cart that asks if you have a coupon, you don’t just ignore it, you open a new browser session and you hunting for a coupon. Nine times out of ten you will find at least a $10 off deal or Free Shipping. Whereas their Boomer counterparts (and I’ll qualify this with those whom I’ve witnessed) will simply click past because they have no coupon in hand.

The other consideration here is the data. Being a Gen X’er, I admit I have next to no patience to respond to surveys. I’ve tried and have typically frustrated at the end because it consumed time I will never get back. And I believe my lack of interest in surveys is fairly common with my generation.

So unless you’re a niche target or part of a critical mass group tipping the scale of the next big thing, which I don’t see Baby Boomer’s doing, then yes, you probably aren’t feeling the digital marketing love.

Give it month or two. Now that word is out, and it travels fast on the web, you’ll be updating your filters and blockers to handle the overflow. Something the rest have been doing all along.

What do you think?

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