Manage your Facebook Fan Page Like Happy Hour, and be the talk of the town.

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If you’re like most business owners and you hear the words “you’ve gotta get on Facebook” one more time you’re likely to blow a gasket. Or, perhaps you’re on Facebook but your business fan page just isn’t getting any traffic, fans or “Like’s.” If either of those describes you or your business, this post is just for you.

“Marketing” a business on Facebook is not the same as marketing a business through traditional channels. In fact its completely different. That’s because Facebook is a social arena, a two-way (or more) conversation – not an advertisement or marketing message. Consider our most appreciated social arena that we participate in at least once a week if not more.

Happy Hour.

When we frequent our favorite hangout for drinks with friends and acquaintances, our lead conversation is not a product dump. Right? We want to know something about what’s going on with our friends; how are they feeling; what are they happy about, what’s new, etc. If work does creep into the conversation, still, it’s high-level fluff and not typically a detailed features and benefits slide deck presentation between servings of nachos.

Social means social. It’s give and take, ask and tell, share and request. And it’s so easy, too many businesses miss it. If want to know someone one’s opinion, how do you get it? Ask! (Politely).

Social Media Marketing companies aren’t pulling any magic ropes behind a big curtain, though it may seem that way at times. We are however nurturing basic instincts that are so frequently overlooked that when violated, can result in being left alone at the bar.

If you business is successfully running its own social media marketing campaigns and are very happy with your result, kudos! Please share what’s unique about your approach and why it works. If you’re not happy with your social presence or social media traffic, contact a professional. We’re happy to get you pointed in the right direction.

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