Invest in Social Media: Facebook surpasses Yahoo!

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Facebook to Surpass Yahoo in ad Revenue!

Although it is estimated that Yahoo’s display ad revenue will increase by 16.4% to $1.65billion this year, Facebook will see its display ad revenues surge by a massive 80.9%.

Facebook in 2011 will command 21.6% of all online display ad dollars in the U.S., or $2.19 billion, says the eMarketer report, up from 13.6% last year and 7.3% in 2009.

Facebook’s revenue share is set to rise further in 2012 to 23.8%. Google is expected to pass Yahoo and fall into second place in display advertising by 2012 with 16.7% of the market.

These numbers speak for themselves, yet many businesses are missing opportunities to use social media (Facebook) to promote their products and services.

Helen Leggatt


Emineo Media

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