Facebook is Booming – How’s your Social Life?

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It’s hard to look the other way and stick to old, tried and true marketing methods when a population larger than the United States is actively dialoguing within a single channel where you aren’t. If you’ve been telling your friends, family, coworkers and colleagues – I’m (or we’re) just not ready for Facebook yet, consider professional help. Why? Facebook has over 500 million users. And according to Facebook’s statistics, over 50% of those users actively log into their accounts daily and each has approximately 130 friends.

Today’s post by emarkter Facebook Reaches Majority of US Web Users is yet another reaffirming data set of proof that SMEs can indeed garner an audience and following on Facebook. It does take some effort and persistence. In simple terms, compare the effort involved in building that relationship with your Facebook fans, prospects and clients, to a marriage. You didn’t (nor will you) attract your mate spamming them all day about how wonderful you are – you had to establish that relationship with a conversation. And that’s exactly how each and every friendship begins in social media.

How you start that conversation may vary from business to business and person to person, but remember, it is indeed a conversation – not an advertisement. However, you see it over and over and you often hear from colleagues who groan how they tried social media and its just not right for their business because…and they have a list of “whys.”

The real reason “those” businesses haven’t succeed yet with social media is because they treat it like print advertising or bad email marketing; Spray and Pray. They blast and boast about their products, services, features and benefits and pray they get a 2% response rate. Social Media Marketing far from this. In fact, if you take this approach with social, you’ll be black listed without even a visit or call.

If you haven’t done so already, or even if you have, take another look at how you are dialoguingin social. If you aren’t certain if you are hitting the mark, don’t know where to start, or just want a fresh idea, turn to the professionals in the industry. There are many evolving tactics and practices that have now been proven to get businesses solidly involved in the millions of conversations occurring each and every day on social media. So if you haven’t done so – its indeed time to “jump on the band-wagon.”

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Is your company active in social? What’s working or not working?

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