Your Google Plus Business Pages: Overview

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“So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people,” says Vic Gundotra on the Official Google Blog. “But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.”

The brand new Google+ feature allows local and global businesses, brands, companies, and organizations to connect with customers and fans in an interactive fashion.  Emineo Media Google plus

Google+ Business Pages: Some benefits

  • Visitors can easily recommend the page with the +1 button and/or add it to their circles.
  • Once a visitor has added the page to their circles, they can read all the page’s updates directly from their main stream or circles’ streams.
  • Page administrators can see who has circled them and reciprocate, circle other pages, and view updates of circled visitors and pages in their streams.
  • Fans/customers and pages can interact with one another through comments, tags and sharing.
  • Hangouts allow pages to connect directly with visitors.

Direct Connect from Google search

In an effort to help bridge the gape between brands and Internet users, Google also launched two other new features today: the inclusion of Google+ Pages in search results and Direct Connect.

Here is how Direct Connect works. Go to Google and add the “+” sign before the name of the page you want to find (for example: “+Angry Birds”). Instead of the usual list of search results, you will be taken to the Google+ page directly.

Right now, Direct Connect only works for a limited number of pages. But many more are coming. For more information, click here.

Examples of businesses and brands who have already jumped on the bandwagon include Angry Birds, Macy’s, the Dallas Cowboys, Phoenix Suns, The Muppets, Pepsi, Save the Children, and Toyota.

“With Google+, we strive to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software,” says Gundotra. “Today’s initial launch of Google+ Pages brings us a little bit closer, but we’ve still got lots of improvements planned, and miles to go before we sleep. So stay tuned.”

To create your business page, visit

Promote your Google+ Page on your website

Looking for a good widget to promote your Google+ Page on your website and blog? Try these:

  • Google+ Badge: The Google+ badge allows visitors to directly connect with and promote your brand on Google+.
  • Google+ Widget (still in beta version but very stable): Enter your G+ profile ID and G+ API, then copy and paste the code where you want the widget to appear.

  • Google Plus Widget: Another good widget that is a little easier to set up. However, the service takes a while to update whenever changes are made to pages.

Both widgets let you display your latest G+ udpates.


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