The Rising Need for (more) SEO and Social Media Marketing

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So yesterday eMarketer published their article Search Behavior Shines Spotlight on Organic Results. In short, a controlled test was completed that confirmed what many have been voicing for some time now: web users aren’t clicking on paid ads. If you’re in the PPC biz, this shouldn’t come to a surprise to you. Emineo Media customers have been voicing this for several months now. Recall too however that the landscape is ever changing. There are always new competitors infringing on your key words, not to mention Social Media. With more web users searching on Facebook (before trying Google or Yahoo), it also bodes that Internet advertisers also need to diversify their ad spend across multiple platforms.

If you haven’t done so already, revisit your SEO and Social Media Marketing strategies. What you were doing just six months ago likely isn’t producing the same results now. Staying in contact with customers and prospects takes commitment and persistence. They may not be talking back frequently, but they are listening and when the right opportunity is presented to them – they will engage. So make sure your communications are inviting and engaging. This strategy works very well for our clients and it can work well for you too.

How are you engaging your social audience? Please share!

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