Optimizing email for Mobile a must!

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As more and more consumers get to grips with a smartphone the number of emails opened on a mobile device has risen, according to new data released by digital marketing firm Knotice, making it more important than ever to ensure email messages render properly on a small screen. Emineo Media email-to-text

The growth in use of mobile email is illustrated by data recently released by Knotice. It shows that, in the first half of this year, the share of all email opens on mobile devices rose to 20.24% from 13.36% in the final quarter of 2010.

This represents growth of 51% in just a few months.

What this means for email marketers is the need to distribute email messages that are optimized for viewing on a mobile device as well as a PC. Furthermore, the email must be designed so that it can be interacted with, even via a small screen.

“Whether that means clicking through to a mobile-optimized site, tapping on a phone number to call a customer service agent, or even users providing their e-mail address to have a shopping cart, wish list, product information or follow-up reminder sent to them so they can complete the action when more convenient,” says the report.

“Focus needs to be on optimizing the e-mail as well as the post-click experience in tandem for an overall satisfying user experience.”

Earlier this year a study by ExactTarget found that over half (55%) of those who made a purchase via their mobile stated that it was an email marketing message, as opposed to text message or Facebook, that had been the catalyst for the purchase. Text messages drove 41% to make a mobile purchase and Facebook 35%.

Source Helen Leggatt

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