Word-of-Mouth Has Greatest Effect on Moms!

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If moms weren’t already an attractive enough target for marketers, a Keller Fay study of US internet users and their brand conversations has found that they are more responsive to word-of-mouth than other adults and more likely to help pass on brand messages.

Nearly two-thirds of mothers studied in September 2010 said they typically thought word-of-mouth was credible, 2 percentage points ahead of females in general and 10 percentage points ahead of men. They were also more apt to take action, including passing the information on to others, making a purchase or doing more research on a brand. Across all metrics, while females were more receptive than males, moms were even better disposed to listening to brand conversations.

They also mentioned more brands per week in their own conversations, at 73 mentions compared with fewer than 65 among females and just 57 among males.

Word-of-Mouth Has Greatest Effect on Moms

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