The Process of a Conversion Part 1

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The Process of a Conversion

Sarah L. Howell SEO

Search Engine Optimization Efforts – GOAL: Qualified Website Traffic

Google, Yahoo and Bing have programs, called web crawling bots that serve as virtual librarians, crawling the web, indexing websites and webpages according to many factors, two of which are keywords and inbound links.

  • Keywords enable web crawlers to know which category to index a particular website.
  • Inbound links, which serve as endorsements from the online community, enable the Search Engines in their efforts to rank the website in the SERPs.

Since Search Engines index sites and rank sites, the goal of SEO is to convince these bots that a particular website has valuable, reliable content that will benefit users who are searching for specific keywords. Search Engine Optimization is comprised of many factors, but the high level components are below.

  • Domain Authority
  • Link Building Efforts
  • Website Copy and Code – Search Engine Optimized

Sarah L. Howell SalesDomain Authority

Search Engines need to provide web users with reliable search results. In order to distinguish trustworthy sites, from new sites that have minimal content (or pirated content) and no online authority, Search Engines measure:

Sarah L. Howell Marketing

  • Domain Age – How long has the domain been registered? A domain that was registered years ago and has been continually maintained is an indication that the site is reliable.
  • Domain Popularity – Content is a commodity on the web.  If a website provides valuable content, then it will attract users and thereby, greater traffic to the site.
  • Domain Size – The number of pages on a website correlates with the amount of quality content that can garner inbound links. The larger the site, the greater the potential for inbound links. Web crawlers measure inbound links as an indication that the site is reliable.

Link Building Efforts

Search Engines attribute an inbound link (aka. backlink) to a site as an endorsement from the online community. Sites that have various websites within their industry, linking to the content on their site, have greater visibility in the SERPs. This is because Search Engines value the opinions of the online community.

Sarah L. Howell Link Building

  • Quality Site Content –The web is known as the Information Highway and users bounce from site to site looking for premium fuel to satiate their thirst for knowledge. The license to ride is free for each user (save a monthly ISP expense), while websites vie for user patronage using content as a commodity.  A site that provides users with valuable information will become a popular stop on the Information Highway.
  • Social Media – Engaging users via social media enables them to easily retweet and share links to your site – thus creating more backlinks, while simultaneously promoting site awareness.
  • Blogging/Article Marketing Since “Content is King” online, websites can achieve royal status by providing content through two different forums.
  1. Website Blog – Placing a blog on a website notifies users and Search Engines that the site owner is committed to creating valuable, recurring content on the site. The blog will garner traffic as users return to the site each time a new post is created. In addition, the blog will produce inbound links, as users share the blog link via social media, or their own website.
  2. Article Marketing – Maintaining a blog requires a great deal of content – content that is specific to the blog niche. Content marketers recognize the blogger’s need to provide new, quality content, so they create niche-specific articles and distribute them on article submission sites like  Bloggers post the articles on their site, giving the author credit via their author bio, which conveniently includes a link to the author’s site (or the site they are trying to create backlinks to).


Sarah L. Howell  SEO MarketingSarah L. Howell currently serves clients at TSYS Managed Services by providing support for client initiatives via: project management (multiple CAT A projects), consultation of industry “best practices”, issue resolution and client advocacy. Howell also, provides oversight of client billing and contract amendments.

In addition, she has served on two separate teams that utilized her past experience to benefit TSYS in the following areas:
– Business Development – utilizing my past experience in web design and marketing to develop requirements for a new initiative.
– Training – utilizing my past experience as a writer to develop engaging curriculum for new employees.

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