The Pinterest Effect

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Facebook challenged us years ago to think of our current surroundings and report back to our networks in short bursts of information. I am feeling ___. I am doing ___. I like ___. These were the posts that defined us minute by minute. Twitter too got us conditioned to report on what we were seeing/hearing/tasting/reading at any given moment. Again text and hyperlinks was the preferred communications currency. emineo media pinterest

The lingua franca has changed dramatically in the past year or so as we now prefer to describe and define our world in images. Tumblr may have initiated some of this, but it’s really taken off with Instagram and now Pinterest. Pinterest and Instagram have a modest 25 million users combined, but their potential impact on social media and social media marketing are profound. Search and discovery on Instagram takes you through a vivid world of lush dishes of food, stunning landscapes, cool fashions and must-see events. Flipping through Instagram, I’ve learned of two new restaurants I’m dying to try out in Rome and I even discovered a photography exhibit that turned out to be brilliant. Pinterest has even greater potential as the scrapbook style layout and stunning snaps create a world where you just want to search and explore and explore some more. Site engagement is through the roof on Pinterest, research shows. It’s becoming clear that “to pin” has become the new “like.” Please let us know your favorite pins and pics.

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