Simple Facebook Application Ideas for Fan Pages

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Facebook fan pages are now becoming extremely popular as a promotional tool. They are simple and free of cost, anyone can create fan page for their desired purpose. But, Emineo Media app-facebookfor engaging users it is not suggested to update status and post videos only, you need to go an extra mile. You need to spend significant time to create interesting activities, so that users are motivated to interact with your page.

There are a number of things that you can do to engage fans on your page. We have some suggestions of simple apps that can add value to your fan page, which would also have a positive impact on the interaction level of users. Below is the list of simple apps that you can use:

1. Cartoon/Movie character app

The users are able to upload their image and the application would generate a cartoon character or movie character by identifying the user’s face. The audience is crazy for such type of apps and they use it to morph their friend’s images and share.

2. Favorite Celebrities app

The users are able to upload a picture and the application returns an image of the celebrity to let the user know about the resemblance of the user and the celebrity.

3. MBTI testing

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)is a psychometric assessment test.It helpsthe users to choosefrom the best profession according to their skills. In this app,usersneed to answer a few questions and based on the answers provided by the user,the application will suggest users the different professions suitable.

4. Humor/Jokes app

Everyone loves to laugh and want to have someone who can make them laugh. Why not create an application for Jokes? Users are asked to provide permissions to the app and a joke is posted on the user’s wall on daily basis.

5. Quote of the day

There might be a few people in the world who would not want to be called a genius. Quote applications are used by most of the users on Facebook. In fact, there are a number of users who search for quotes online and use these quotes as their status. The user is required to provide a one-time permission to the application and it would post a quote on user’s wall on daily basis.

6. Zodiac application

One thing I know for sure is that girls are crazy about horoscopes and Zodiac signs. The application needs the one-time permission from the users to post the daily horoscopes on their profile.

7. Story sharing

Most popular application for Facebook fan page is Story Sharing.A number of brands are using story sharing applications. Such applications idea is that users share their experience with the brand to other people.

8. Dating application

Such applications normally catches the younger generation normally aged less than 35 (almost 40% of the users on Facebook). The application is used to find potential dating partners, friend’s sets you up with their friends, and suggest you with potential dating partners.

9. On this day

History is an amazing subject, but there are a huge number of users who don’t know actual facts about it. The application’s idea is to provide information to the people for the events happened in the history on the particular date. The application requires a one-time permission to post the details of the event (happened in the history) on the user’s wall on daily basis.

10. Favorite Auto Mobile

You could create an app where user can check out their favorite cars/bikes and which car suited to them according to their personality.


Above provided are just a few simple app ideas for your fan pages. While you perform your own search, you would find more of the app ideas to get your fans interacting with your page on regular basis. We would like to hear the ideas you may have for the application on Fan pages.

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