Emineo Media Helps Build a Social Media Strategy!

We have the expertise and resources to provide a range of training services and full-service agency support, making us an ideal corporate social media partner.

When clients engage us for social media training, we ensure they’re equipped to get started implementing cost effective strategies. This enables them to strategically apply new social media concepts and changing technology that will define a company’s future. We help businesses build a social media strategy and harness the power of the latest online tools and services to achieve measurable, business objectives.

We help bring your team up to speed or support your team with external services.

Our team focuses on in-person and expert consultation, developing tactical sessions for specific audiences within your workforce. We believe that there are multiple reasons to be engaged with social media through-out the enterprise, and typically work across multiple layers of consumer, employee, management, and executive teams.

This allows us to distribute cost from the top down and from the bottom up, locating specific types of ROI and opportunity that occur within different departmental silos and career levels.

What we help with

Total Social Media Training

  • Minimize Business Risk
  • Activate Supporters & Evangelists
  • Locate Influencers
  • Increase Market Share
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Improve Customer Relations
  • Drive Sales
  • Develop New Markets
  • Connect with Stakeholders
  • Utilize Emerging Technologies
  • Encourage Proper Employee Usage

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