Marketing has become a conversation being driven by customers!

With hundreds of millions of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, it would behoove small and medium businesses along with large global companies to start looking at changing their marketing and sales approach. Present marketing programs must not only support a strong, positive brand image and drive demand, but must engage with all customers to be effective. Marketing has become a conversation that is being driven by the customer. The question is whether your business is engaging in conversation or is it talking to itself?

You may have already taken the steps to start implementing and creating a number of accounts on multiple platforms and you might be wondering why. You just know your business needs to have a social media presence, but you wonder what is this going to do for your business. The problem is that most businesses never take the initiative and created nor implement a social media plan. We hear this constantly from our customers and from audience members attending our social media seminars. We created a one day social media strategy seminars to funnel this process for our customers. Our goal is to ensure all attendees will understand and implement a well-developed and organized social media plan for their business.

Who Should Attend?
– Marketing Professionals
– Public Relations Professionals
– Business Owners
– Entrepreneurs
– Communications professionals
– Digital marketing professionals
– E-commerce professionals
– Journalists
– Educational Organizations

How will You Benefit?
By the end of the seminar, you will understand:
– where social media fits within the overall marketing framework
– what the different categories of social media are
– the process of creating a social media program
– how to integrate the different platforms into a cohesive program
– the link between social media and great Search Engine Optimization
– how each platform (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter – and many more) should be used to create a cohesive strategy that drives your business.

What Will You Learn?
– The basics of what the different platforms and websites are, and how they fit into your overall strategy
– Why there is no good excuse for NOT using social media
– Why website optimization is paramount to social marketing
– How to keep your company in your customers’ “consideration set”, and be there when they’re ready to buy
– How to create a true social media program that supports your organization’s goals and strategies
– Where to focus your approach to all social media platforms so that each tactic works together for your business
– How to understand the different categories of social media platforms, and the way each should be used
– Use Facebook and LinkedIn to their fullest potential
– Why Twitter is nothing to be afraid of, and can actually be used to create business opportunities
– Create very simple marketing campaigns on the major social networks that support your social media programs and strategies
– Cautionary tales and real examples for poor social media execution
– And most importantly: How To Use Social Media To Drive Real Business!

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