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Instagram-For-Business-Emineo MediaIf you are thinking about promoting your business and looking for some fresh ideas, one of the most popular social networks – Instagram – will help you. Below you can find 10 creative ways how to expand your business on Instagram.

  1. Share your products. People like to examine products, so give your followers this opportunity. Put your products (supplies, equipment, etc.) on your Instagram profile. You can reduce the image of a not very widespread product and ask your followers to guess what it may be.
  2. Show how your product is made. Let your followers know how your products are made and where they come from. You can post photos of the production process. You can even show the whole process: from production to delivery, using many snapshots.
  3. Let people see the backstage process. People are interested in the offstage process. You can show your followers some exclusive photos from backstage, e.g. if you take part in a photo session, filming or interview.
  4. Show the results of using your products. You can announce a contest, in which followers have to use your products in the most creative ways. Then choose the best ones and post on Instagram. If your business is makeup or hair design, decoration or interior design, you can show the result of your work. Use photos “before and after.”
  5. Make your followers special. Make your Instagram followers feel that they are the first to learn news about your products. Share exclusive previews of products, show your new shops or offices before opening.
  6. Show your company. Post photos that show a common working day at your office: people, work places, equipment, recreation room and other interesting things. If you have vacancies, don’t forget to mention about them under the pictures.
  7. Invite your followers with you. If you go to some interesting event, like party or concert, you can take your Instagram followers with you. People can better understand the essence of your products by learning about the events you attend or sponsor.
  8. Show your employees. Make your brand closer to common people. Show your followers the employees of your company. Write some words about each of them. In their turn, your employees will have a minute of fame and feel useful.
  9. Show celebrities using your products. Post photos of celebrities using your brand when they are at your sponsored event, when they visit your company, or just somehow interact with your products and services. These posts will be popular for sure.
  10. Stake on animals. Almost all people like animals and pets often do some funny things. You can use this for your brand. Post pictures where animals are dressed in the clothes with your company’s name or show animals gazing on your products. Such photos will get many likes and comments from your followers.

Now you have learned the ways how to promote your business on Instagram. You can use only one way or combine several variants to achieve your goal.

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