Pinterest, Meebo, and Buffer: Click It and Share It

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Emineo Media PinterestStill holding strategy meetings to discuss effective uses for Twitter and Facebook? Trending now: social apps and platforms that offer yet more immediacy to the sharing of one’s every online thought and action. Can these Web goodies double as outreach tools for savvy event pros?Here’s a quick look at three fun click-and-share options that might just boost your business while you’re at it.
Why It’s Cool: Popularized by the DIY arts-and-crafts crowd, Pinterest is attracting attention from a broader audience as a platform for sharing creative ideas in categories such as Design, Food & Drink, Gardening, Home Décor, Pets, and – relevancy alert! – Weddings & Events.How It Works: Following a “pending invitation” period, the user can install a “Pin It” button on his or her bookmarks bar, which allows the user to “pin” links from anywhere. So if you’re browsing for inspiration for your welcoming reception décor, and you come across a photo depiction of your perfect promenade, just click “Pin It,” and the idea is stored on your board for future reference. Meanwhile, the social aspect of the site means other users can view your boards, check out cool ideas you’ve gathered, and discuss or share your activity.How It Helps: Want to show off the thrifty centerpieces your staff designed or the handmade invitations that scored VIP attendance? If you have event photos posted on your website or blog, you can pin your own content and pick up some targeted Web traffic from idea-seekers looking for creative inspiration. Once they reach your site, your Pinterest visitors can become your promoters by sharing your links with others in turn.

Why It’s Cool: Meebo just introduced a “Check-ins” bookmarklet (similar to the “Pin It” button) that allows users to click and share links and comments in a real-time feed (similar to Twitter or Facebook).

How It Works: Signup is quick and easy, and the bookmarklet installs in just a minute. The user can then “check in” by clicking the Meebo button to share any URL he or she is viewing anywhere on the Web, along with commentary. Similar to Pinterest, links show up back at Meebo home base, appearing in a live stream along with those of other users. Users can also interact via the Web-based Meebo Messenger (no installation required) to chat with Meebo followers and Facebook friends, all in one platform.

How It Helps: Not only does the Meebo Check-ins button provide instant access to an existing audience via a brand-new social bookmarking utility, but the Meebo Bar can turn your website into a fully shareable, drag-and-drop social funhouse with just a couple of lines of code dropped into your site header. With the Meebo Bar installed on your site, visitors can click on any of your images or highlight any of your headlines, then simply drag to share via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Updates, or email – all without leaving the page in question.


Why It’s Cool: Unlike most Twitter apps, Buffer lets users click and share pre-scheduled tweets right from your browser’s toolbar, so you can maintain a consistent Twitter presence throughout the day without stopping what you’re doing or leaving the page you’re on.

How It Works: Similar to the “Pin It” or “Check-ins” buttons, the Buffer installation results in a toolbar icon. Next, the user can enter a posting schedule of times throughout the day for tweets to go live (which can be edited any time). The user can then click the Buffer icon from any page, which brings up a user-friendly dashboard containing the page link and title. Here, the user can view and edit tweets and choose to “Post Now” or “Add to Buffer.” If the latter, the tweet is stored until the next predetermined posting time, at which point it goes out on Twitter automatically.

How It Helps: Not everyone has time to go back and forth between HootSuite, TweetDeck, or whatever throughout the day, yet everyone who uses Twitter for business is encouraged to keep up a regular presence. With Buffer, you can simply click a button to add a post to your queue whenever and wherever you spot something tweet-worthy, and that way, you’re “always on” according to schedule.

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