Whether across town or across the seas, our work speaks for itself with measurable data that translates into real marketing ROI.

Our Objective:

Emineo Media develops results-driven interactive marketing strategies that effectively increases market awareness, educates current customers and attracts potential customers about the exclusive advantages our clients provide. We deliver services that capture and express our client’s personality and mission, through our cutting edge creativity and offerings. Whether it’s a restaurant, dance gallery, business broker, organization or a family fun center, we share in our clients objectives; to ensure their marketing ROI.

Our Approach:

We collaborate with our client’s marketing and public relations team to developed a highly engaging interactive website and Facebook Fan page that concisely communicates the unique benefits and advantages our clients offer. The visual design and straight-forward navigation is specifically aimed to appeal to its target audiences. The marketing message has to complement our design approach to ensure the correlation between what exist and what we are creating. We provide performance data and insight to the Facebook Fan Pages and website and track, analyze and report back to our clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of both the traditional and online marketing campaign.