Inside Group Buying: 7 Small Biz Success Stories!

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This is Emineo Media’s third highlight of the recent 38 New Social Media Resources recently found on Mashable.

The Small Business Round Table Series is supported by the British Airways Face-to-Face Program, which offers U.S. entrepreneurs and small business owners critical tools for building business relationships abroad. See before October 21.

Group buying is one of the latest trends in small business marketing. Groupon and LivingSocial are the two big players in the social buying universe, but there are many more group buying sites popping up around the web every day. From what we’ve heard, they’re all pretty competitive with each other — vying for attention and even exclusivity contracts from interested business owners. Sorting out the pros and cons of each sites is a task, and for the smaller, newer group buying sites, most of the information to help small business owners make decisions is from the group buying sites.

With this installment of the Small Business Round Table Series, we hope to democratize that information. We brought together seven small biz insiders to talk about how their small businesses are using group buying sites, including Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr and Scoop St. Our knowledgeable round table attendees included:

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