How Business Pages Will Help the Growth of Google+

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Emineo Media GoogleIt’s no great secret, businesses are practically chomping at the bit for the chance to get into the new Google+ platform and begin experimenting with the potential new ways of engaging their audiences. The platform and its initial popularity presents a plethora of opportunities not just for businesses, but also for the network itself, I’ve outlined below a few ideas of why the introduction of brands will serve to increase the network’s visibility:

  • More content for users to talk about and engage with – any brands that develop a presence on Google+ will undoubtedly create more digital content for their audience to consume and share across all social networks. This is likely to be particularly evident in the short term as brands and businesses look towards an experimental approach to activity, and will result in a great deal of visibility for Google+.
  • More incentives for users to join – if brands and businesses create a presence on Google+ and use it to engage with fans in a similar way to the current business uses of other major networks such as Facebook and Twitter, then this will undoubtedly give non-users of Google+ an incentive to join. Whether it’s a competition to win a prize, or a contest asking passionate followers of a brand to create content, many users can be pulled in by the chance to engage with their favourite brands.
  • More visibility through brand marketing campaigns – by way of an extension of the above point, brands may begin to invest both time and money into hiring a social media agency and incorporating Google+ into their marketing campaigns, cross pollinating their presence through links from other owned media. This will result in greater visibility for Google+, effectively achieving advertising support from the brands themselves.
  • Search benefits – should consumers search for brands on Google, it’s likely that a brand’s Google+ presence will be tied in with its Google ranking too. Again, this will develop added visibility for Google+ and gives another entry point for users looking to engage with the brands that they have searched for. Any SEO agencies working on the behalf of brands will be particularly keen to push this point.

These are only a few ideas of how the growth of Google+ could be impacted by adding brands into the mix, but it’s likely that all of the above will be factors in how Google plans the functionality of Google+ brand pages. Either way, the onus will be on businesses to get into the platform early and be the first to establish best practice in their given industry.


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