Free Homework Management Tools for the Digital Student

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This tool is useful for organizing to-do lists and tasks you deem most important. Syncing from your computer to your iPad or iPhone, this paperless alternative offers ways to organize your homework, exam and/or social schedule.

After entering into the system what you need to get done, it offers ways to break down that task into parts to maximize the fluidity of your schedule. Additional perks include color-coding, priority levels and the ability to share tasks with others.

2. Kno

Say goodbye to that heavy backpack and those over-priced textbooks. With Kno, you can order textbooks at almost half the price through your iPad or tablet provider.

It offers capabilities such as highlighting text and annotating with sticky notes. The service allows you to record audio notes in class as well as take photo and video of lectures and chalkboard diagrams you find important. Included is a “journal” which saves all of your highlighted and annotated material so it’s all in one place. Perks include 3D diagrams and a “quiz me” button that tests on portions in the textbook.

Emineo Media Kno

Never miss a word and record your lectures with ease. This multidimensional app allows students to plug their class lists and assignments in a monthly calendar and receive notifications based on when certain tasks are due. Perks include a note-taking device separated by class name and a backup feature which allows you to transfer data to your computer for future use.

Emineo Media inclass

This package including Google Docs, Books, Scholar, Email, Calendar and Search is a one-stop shop for research, organization and collaboration. Google Docs is preferable when working with group members in remote locations. With a chat feature and live documents, group members are able to work together and see one another’s edits in real time. With Google Calendar, students can easily plug in their class schedule and pending assignments and be notified as they are upcoming. Google Scholar offers online journals and a variety of scholarly literature to search for.

Emineo Media Google

Make your own digital flash cards or search for others’ flashcards by topic in this free and easy to use website. After you have filled in both sides of your flashcard, you can add pictures and customize them however you want. In addition to flipping through each card with the click of a button, users are able to generate custom tests, games and printable material to help with continued studying.

Emineo Media Quizlet

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