Face.com and the Future of Social Media Marketing

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Emineo Media Face-logoToday Facebook announced it’s latest in a string of acquisitions – the purchase of Face.com a facial recognition platform that allows apps to tag people in photos using facial recognition software.

The acquisition makes sense because Face.com was going to market as a platform. They were allowing people to create iPhone and Android Apps that used Face.com technology to pre-tag someone when they took a picture. It is a nifty way of making photos easier to integrate into Facebook. One step is removed – no need to tap on a face, type in the person’s name and tag them. That platform did one thing well – it removed some of the friction. It was “oily” as I like to say.

The future of social media marketing is sharing which is slippery as a penguin after the Exxon Valdez incident. The less friction, the more people will use social media, share experiences, and capture moments. It is exactly what happened with Social Media at the US Open last week, and it is the future of all social media.

When facial recognition software is integrated into ambient social networking platforms like dwinQ amazing things can happen. The future is going to be here soon and in that future social media will be ubiquitous as the word-of-mouth network is today, because smart people like Face.com will have removed the friction from social media and brands will be the beneficiaries.

Source Social Media Today

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