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  • Facebook (1,600,000,000+ users per month) – A place to connect with friends, family and those you never wanted to be friends with in the first place. View people’s photos of their kids, dogs, weddings, and vacations, and comment with raging jealously, pride or other feelings you can’t help but share on a public forum. You also can connect with brands in order to see up-and-coming product launches and events, or take part in brand contests and giveaways.
  • YouTube (1,000,000,000+ users per month) – Looking for an important piece of news content or a cat chasing a laser pointer? Welcome to YouTube, one of BLASTmedia’s favorite social platforms. Be sure you’re aware of YouTube’s new format change if you’re wanting to become the latest online meme.
  • Twitter (200,000,000+ users per month) – Socialize with people you know… and those you don’t. Luckily all social interactions are limited to 140 characters, which keep messages short, sweet and potentially that less awkward. This medium allows you to be connected to all your favorite celebrities, friends and people you know will provide entertaining content due to the inability to keep things to themselves.
  • LinkedIn (160,000,000+ users per month) – Connect with colleagues, friends and those in the business with whom you’d like to see yourself one day. This space is about networking for business. If you are looking for a job, this is the place for you. Plaster your awesomeness and accomplishments and get noticed.
  • Google+ (135,000,000+ users per month) – Google’s answer to the almighty Facebook. It works directly via Gmail and allows you to post updates, content and add people to your inner ‘circles’.
  • Instagram (90,000,000+ users per month) – Post images of your feet, the wing of an airplane, and other stereotypical photos, then mess with the hue to make it look like an art piece. With Instagram, everyone is a professional photographer. Just be sure you’re well aware of Instagram’s terms of service change or that innocent (yet blatant) photo steal from J. Crew will cost you.
  • Pinterest (85,500,000+ users per month) – The audience is predominantly women, and boy do they like to browse! Pinterest boasts thousands of photos in home décor, cooking, weddings, cute animals, and other mind-numbing and time-passing imagery. Place your picks on digital ‘pin boards’ for future viewing. There is even a feature to have secret boards in order to plan future events like a wedding before you are engaged, not that anyone would ever do that… right?
  • MySpace (70,500,000+ users per month) – In a time long, long ago there was a single social network known as MySpace. At the beginning MySpace was the ‘it’ social medium… but that was back in the (gasp!) 90’s. Alas, thanks to the financial and social backing from the one and only Justin Timberlake, the MySpace resurgence is alive and well.
  • Foursquare (10,000,000+ users per month) – Ever wanted someone to know where you are at all times? Creep factor aside, this app is great for finding specials at restaurants and stores, and finding out which meal is best through friend suggestions via custom tips.


For B2B SMBs, Twitter Gets the Best Social Leads

Social media accounts for 5% percent of leads twitter-logo-bird emineo media

For B2B small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Facebook is for traffic, and Twitter is for leads. That, at least, is the conclusion of an analysis of 600 US B2B SMB websites conducted by Optify.

The study, which parsed over 62 million site visits, 215 million page views and 350,000 leads in 2012, found that visitors coming from Facebook made up 54% of all social media-sourced site visits, and those from Twitter just 32%. Nevertheless, Twitter accounted for 82% of all social media-originated leads, while Facebook accounted for a paltry 9% of leads. LinkedIn played a relatively minor role, accounting for 14% of site visits from social and 9% of social leads.

Social remains a small part of the larger traffic picture for most of the B2B SMBs studied, accounting for 1.9% of total traffic. The study found that more than 80% of site traffic to these businesses was either organic (i.e. came through a search engine listing) or direct to the site. Social media also ranked behind paid search as a source of site traffic.

But that doesn’t mean social isn’t worth focusing on: Many of these other traffic sources are dependent on budget and other external factors, whereas social media can be a cost-effective method of site promotion, which marketers can use to actively seek out new business and customer engagement.

Another reason not to ignore social: It’s worth its weight in leads. Despite accounting for just 1.9% of overall site traffic, social accounted for 4.8% of all B2B SMB leads—a relatively small number, but not insubstantial.

Email was another tactic that paid dividends, accounting for less than 1% of traffic but a substantial 9% of leads. Organic traffic, by contrast, accounted for 40% of site traffic but delivered a much smaller comparative share of leads: 26.5% of the total.

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Big Changes for the Big Social Media Platforms

This has been a busy week for social media! There have been so many changes that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. That’s why we are wrapping up the most important stories of the week for you right here. As we know, social media is constantly changing and when you are in charge of managing a community, you need to be on top of all the changes! Here’s what has been going on this week in social media.


After lots of rumors, Facebook launched their very own App Center today. Their app store is for iOS and Android and will incorporate any app that uses Facebook integration in some way, shape, or form. You can access it from your mobile device or computer. The store has about 600+ apps so far, which is small compared to other app stores, but you will be sure that it will grow. The question remains, what will this mean for Facebook IPO?


Looks like Twitter and Facebook are playing nice and joining forces to integrate better. Now when you include an @mention or #hashtag in a Facebook post, a link to that Twitter handle or hashtag will be added. If you aren’t seeing this on your page yet you may need to disconnect and then reconnect Twitter from your Facebook account. Although this change is subtle it speaks volumes about the relationship between Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps there will be more integration with the two social media giants in the future?


LinkedIn become newsworthy this week but not in a good way. Earlier this week LinkedIn suffered from a security breach endangering 6.5 million user passwords. The problem has since been resolved but to be safe, we suggest you change your password anyway! Anyone who was affected should have been contacted by LinkedIn. They have issued a formal apology and are working with police to investigate the matter.


After a lot of hype, Foursquare launched with a brand new design this week. If you update your mobile app you will notice the UX/UI has changed and there is a heavy emphasis on the “explore” tab. The app has also become a little more social including a more prominently displayed “like” button and a feature that tells you which of your friends are close by. What do you think of the new Foursquare?

Other News

Sean Parker’s latest project, Airtime, launched and it is a mix between Chatroulette (the failed video discovery platform that is famous for inappropriate content) and Facebook. Instead of video chatting with random people, you a chatting with people with some kind of connection to you. Using the information from your Facebook, Airtime connects you with people from your neighborhood, with your friends, with friends of friends, or people with similar interests to you. There is also a special algorithm that protects against inappropriate content so it won’t experience the same downfall as Chatroulette!

Source Social Media Today