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Emineo Media FacebookDo you know that Facebook is second only to Google in terms of the traffic it gets? Facebook now ranks second for traffic generation among all the websites on the Internet. At this moment, here are over 500 million active users on Facebook, and the number is increasing every day that goes by. Isn’t that incredible?

You may not know this, but that number is higher than the population of most countries! As a matter of fact, there are only three countries that boast a higher population than the number of Facebook’s active members! Studies show that the number of Facebook users has increased by 25% over the last year alone in 47 countries.

Companies involved in online marketing, including Levi, Toyota and even the New York Times, have joined the bandwagon. You can find more and more major players with their own Facebook fan pages and Facebook company pages every day. These marketing professionals know that they reach an active and growing global market by setting themselves up on Facebook. If you want global exposure for your products and services, perhaps it’s time to consider putting up a Facebook fan page.

But now small, local businesses are also experiencing how powerful this new marketing strategy is. All types of small businesses from pizza parlors to dentist offices are establishing an online presence using Facebook as their primary marketing vehicle. By building a large local fan base, they have an instant audience for announcements such as specials, sales and the availability of new products.

Naturally, nobody involved in online marketing is going to let this opportunity pass. Facebook marketing is the biggest trend going in the Internet marketing community. Not only is there a huge reach, but Facebook offers specific target marketing because of their exceptional demographics positioning tools.

There are several key elements to make a Facebook presence work. First of all, you should design and construct a professional Facebook fan page or product page rather than use the standard Facebook profile you get when you initially sign up at Facebook. There are several reasons for doing this. You can keep your personal and family Facebook profile separate from your business profile, which ads professionalism to your image. There are also several marketing advantages to using a Facebook page rather than your own profile.

A very recent and exciting development is that you can include an IFrame in Facebook pages. An IFrame is a technical term used to describe a technology that allows you to display a page from any Internet location in your current page. This takes the limits off of what you can do on your Facebook page! You can have clickable links, display video and other types of media and you can even embed forms that let you gather information from the people who visit your page. You can even display your entire web site in your Facebook page if you want to!

The next area of attention is the Facebook business profile on your fan page or business page. You need a profile that helps you build credibility and confidence. Your goal is to build a large fan base for your business that will produce leads and profits over the long term. Your business profile is a key element people will use to form an opinion about you and your business. Pay particular attention to how you construct your business profile.

Because of the immense popularity of Facebook, it is just common sense for businesses to establish a presence there with a professionally designed page that takes full advantage of the new IFrame capability. Gone are the days of static pages in Facebook. With a built-in audience of over 500,000 active users, perhaps you should consider establishing a Facebook presence with a professionally designed and constructed Facebook fan page or business page.


Why Content is Still King in Higher Education Marketing

Prospective students today use the Internet, plain and simple. They are part of the digital generation, brought up with computers, smart phones and other digital devices. The latest report about this generation of prospective students’ online behavior and expectations when researching colleges and universities speaks volumes about the importance of providing a high quality digital content for this generation.

The 2011 E-Expectations Report sponsored by Noel-Levitz and the National Research Center for College and University Admissions specifically recommends universities and colleges maintain and deliver high quality content to both students and their parents through school websites, email and social media.

College Websites Need To Be Easy To Use

Perhaps the most important finding from the 2011 report is that one out of five students removed a university from consideration after a bad experience with the school’s website. A college’s website is the first destination for many prospective students and parents when beginning to research schools. An initial bad impression from a lousy website has the potential to turn students off to a school before really even exploring it in depth.

A university’s website should look good, be easy to use and provide students with the information they want and need most. According to students and parents surveyed, the majority first look for information on academic programs followed by admissions information, scholarships, student life, financial aid and more. Other features on a university website like cost calculators and interactive maps are also important for recruitment purposes. Universities must ensure students can easily access content about programs and admissions through the website without much hassle and that the content in those areas tells students what they need to know.

Email Isn’t Dead For Recruitment

It may seem today’s prospective students text message and use social media far more than email. But email still works as a primary effective means of communication simply because so many people have and use email accounts. Out of the parents and students surveyed, the vast majority had email accounts and 93 percent of students said they would provide the address to universities. The report recommends emailing prospective students and parents about key deadline reminders, status updates and important information about enrolling.

Social Media Is a Channel for Listening

The 2011 E-Expectations Report found one area of web content still needing further development was social media. And here there seems to be a mismatch of both university and student behavior. Well over 90 percent of colleges have a Facebook fan page and 80 percent of prospective students use Facebook. Yet, just slightly more than one-quarter of prospective students actually view a college’s social media profile. Why the disparity?

It could be the content. Prospective students said they found comments from current students the most appealing aspect of a school’s Facebook page. Students also said they valued general information and announcements about news, events and programs. The report suggests universities use social media to maintain an informal dialogue with students and avoid overt sales pitches.

The Marketing Takeaway

Prospective students and parents do want to communicate with the universities they are considering attending and they will do so in a variety of formats. Delivering great content in several mediums particularly a school’s website, email communications and social media can have positively influence a student’s final decision about attending a university. Just like for any business’s marketing strategy, great content starts out on your own website and should be cross-pollinated across all of parts of your online presence.

Why Content is Still King in Higher Education Marketing.


Emineo Media Helping Businesses Engage Facebook Audiences – Yahoo! News

Emineo Media’s Facebook fan pages are custom designed and available to any business interested in jump-starting their Facebook presence, building a prospect list and delivering value to existing customers.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 15, 2011

Emineo Media launches it new website to meet the growing demand for custom Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook iframe apps by Emineo Media enable virtually any business to activate a powerful social media marketing plan. “We customize the apps to offer coupons, promotions, and special fan-only offers, for our customers to amplify their marketing efforts and engage the growing Facebook audience” –Orlando Espinosa, Co-Founder.

Integrated sharing and commenting features help your brand build an active and engaged fan base on Facebook. If you have a business you shouldn’t use your personal Facebook page to promote your products. Another great reason for having a Facebook business page is, your brand gets to be seen by a lot more people and if you can get them to “Like” your page, you instantly have another lead you can market to.

But Facebook fan pages are more than just a way to connect with your potential customers online. Your Facebook page can:

Allow you to connect and contact your prospects through wall posting and Facebook’s email system.

Offer you another channel to profit and grow your business.

Be an exceptional tool in achieving business building goals more easily.

Whether you are driving traffic to your websites, building your list or selling products on your fan page, the end result can be a huge boost in profits.

Maximize the social power of your brand with stimulating and engaging Facebook fan pages designed by Emineo Media.

Orlando Espinosa

Emineo Media


Emineo Media Helping Businesses Engage Facebook Audiences – Yahoo! News.